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OLYMPUS 4/3 club forum _ Olympus 4/3 AF confirm and Image Stabilize emulator chip (DANDELION) _ Adapters 4/3 from FOTODIOX with dandelion!

Автор: VGR/zymmi 12.5.2008, 1:16

Adapters 4/3 from FOTODIOX with dandelion!

You can buy 4/3 adapters from brand http://www.fotodiox.com/shop/ with our programmable AF/IS chip (http://oly43club.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=351)

The chip is glued securely by Special glue:

thickness - chip + glue = 1.2..1.5 mm

With our thin chips you will have not problems with different objectives ! (http://oly43club.ru/_images/chip_problems.jpg)

on offer:

OM to 4/3

Nikon to 4/3

Pentax K to 4/3

Leica R to 4/3

Contax/Yashica to 4/3

T2 mount (М42х0.75) to 4/3


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