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> The M42-4/3 adapter with AF confirm and Image Stabilizer, description on English
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The M42-4/3 adapter with AF confirm and image stabilizer.

The M42-4/3 adapter with the AF confirm and image stabilizer is of great help for fitting lenses with M42-fastening (Helios, Jupiter, Takumar, Carl Zeiss, etc.) to the cameras with 4/3 system (Olympus E-system). This means that this adapter is the one which can adjust from 4/3 bayonet to M43-threading with the full compensation of the flange focal distance and also with the AF confirm and the work of the image stabilizer.

The description and peculiarities of the use of the M42-4/3 adapter.

The adapter is adjusted to the Olympus cameras of the E-series ( E-300, E-330, E-500, E-400, E-410, E-420, E-510, E-520, E-3, E-30... ). It is also adapted to the soviet optical instruments and devices M42. It is made of steel and this allows making free use of big and heavy lenses. It has black chemical protective mat surface, knurl, the red mark for convenient use and the retainer screw. The latter allows firm fixing of the lens to the adapter, and also in case of need it can be of great practical help to coincide the mark.

This adapter have aperture pin blocking place(f/stop pin blocking) and this very innovation spares difficulties of contacting and allows using absolutely any optical instruments and devices M42 including that with the automatic aperture control (without manual mode).
The great attention was also paid to the dimension and tolerance. The adapter is the same shape as the Olympus bayonet. It twists in clearly and effortlessly, the holder orifice is ellipse-shaped which excludes backlash.

The M42-4/3 adapter has a special platform for Dandelion (AF/IS emulator chip) fastening:

Advantages of adapter М42-4/3:

1. Reliability and durability (the adapter is made of a steel)
2. solid steel construction (for heavy lenses)
3. black matte covering (for correct work exposure)
4. aperture pin blocking place
5. special platform for AF/IS chip (dandelion)
6. fixing screw (for reliable fixing of objectives М42)
7. comfortable design

The mode of the shoot with the adapter.

A clearly mechanical lens fastening M42 with the help of the adapter does not allow us aperture control and auto-focusing control. Now you should do everything manually when you are setting parameters on your very lens. In some cases this is even more convenient. The shooting should be done in the A or P mode and the MF/S-AF/S-AF+MF-mode of auto-focusing. When using these modes the camera sets down the exposure value automatically, but the latter is dependent on those parameters of the aperture that you have already set down on your lens. When something gets into focus correctly, the green indicator flashes in the view finder and the beeping sound is heard. If your camera has the image stabilizer, it will also work, but for the sake of its most effective work, the focal distance which is set into the chip should coincide with that of your lens (read more). It should be also taken into account that when using the optical instruments and devices M42 the effective focal length of the lens are doubled (visual angle reduce).

read topic OLYMPUS E-system + M42 lens


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