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How to order:
1. Send request to e-mail:


- what your want to buy
- what payment method you have chosen (PayPal intermediary,
Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneybooker )
- your full name and full address in English as we may write on package
2. You will receive an email within 48 hours. If you don't receive an email within this time frame it means your email provider has filtered it out, in which case you will need to contact us.
3. Make payment and write to us full information about payment(date, payment method etc).
4. Wait for package.


Adapters for 4/3

Olympus 4/3 AF confirm and IS chip (DANDELION 3.0kit) - EUR 14.99 ($19.99)
Dandelion 3.0(programmable): one chip for all FL and aperture

M42-4/3 adapter with AF/IS - EUR 29.99 ($37.99)

new M42-4/3 adapter + reversed lens 52 (for macro) with AF/IS - EUR 34.99 ($44.99)

OM-4/3 adapter with AF/IS - EUR 29.99 ($37.99)

Nikon-4/3 adapter with AF/IS - EUR 29.99 ($37.99)

Pentax-4/3 adapter with AF/IS - EUR 29.99 ($37.99)

XXX(universal)-4/3 adapter with AF/IS - EUR 39.99 ($49.99)

new XXX(universal)-4/3 adapter with AF/IS + M42 or M39 fixing ring - EUR 46.99 ($65.99)

new M42 fixing ring for universal XXX-4/3 adapter - EUR 9.99 ($14.99)

new M39 fixing ring for universal XXX-4/3 adapter - EUR 9.99 ($14.99)

new Canon nFD-4/3 replace-adapter with AF/IS- EUR 35.99 ($45.99)

Rear cap for 4/3 lens and adapters - EUR 1.99 ($2.99)

Adapters from FOTODIOX with dandelion! - EUR 43.99 ($54.99)

DANDELION installation Steps to any of 4/3 adapters

We may glue dandelion to your adapters if you send them to us, but the delivery to us and back will take much time.

Adapters for micro 4/3

new M39 - micro 4/3 adapter- EUR 34.99 ($44.99)

new M42 - micro 4/3 adapter- EUR 34.99 ($44.99)


We have special price for 5 and 10 items.

Sorry, but Paypal doesn't work in Russia, you may use our PayPal intermediary, but he takes 10%.

Western Union
"When you need to send money fast, count on Western Union Money TransferSM. Just visit one of our Agent locations to send money quick and conveniently." from www.westernunion.com

Bank Transfer
We provide SWIFT code and our bank account number.

Moneybooker is analog of Paypal from England.
We send you our e-mail which is registered in the Moneybooker system and you do the interior transaction. You can read more about this system in the Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moneybookers)
If you want to increase your account, you can find it available with the help of the bank remittance or with your credit card.



We send by Russian Post.
We mark all packages as GIFT and write in custom declaration all that you want, so no tax and customs duty.
Item will be shipped by registered air mail without insurance, with tracking number.

Shipping cost EUR 12.99 ($18.99)
Each additional item EUR 1

EMS shipping are also available, cost about EUR 50